The vehicle for moving around the cities
Being powered by both muscles and electricity, Trike Pro is enormously convenient and environmentally friendly. This is the vehicle that truly loves the planet.
No side door, to let you experience everything around you
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. The construction of Trike makes moving around the city both enormously pleasant and convenient. The shape of its front protects you from rain and wind.
Experience the outdoors, yet be protected from wind and rain
Natural air ventilation keeps the perfect temperature on the hot summer days
Everything you love about a city bike, with the convenience of a car
Three wheels
Bigger than bike, smarter than car
It gives greater stability than a bike, uses less energy than a car and truly loves the planet. Let us introduce the vehicle, which combines the freedom, ease of use and compactness of a city bike with the greater reach and comfort of a car.
Using the Teleport's trunk you can both deliver small packages and do private shopping. Your belongings are sheltered from the rain and any weather conditions.
Trike has a built-in trunk with a capacity of ~130 liters, secured by a central lock – take out whatever you need, whenever you need it.
Teleport will enable you to move better, easier and faster around the cities
It was started with passion, built with the great goal of making city transportation easier and more eco-friendly and it’s constantly developing to complete its mission.
That's the reason why Teleport is the answer to the challenging future of city transportation.
Trike is able to ride on public roads with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
The full range of the vehicle is up to 100 km, which makes it easy to move around big cities, like Warsaw.
The process of charging from 20% to 80% takes about 2.5 hours.
Powered by both electricity and muscles
Move comfortably, stay active
It is a convenient way of moving, yet enables you to stay active, hence ― healthier.
You move faster, but stay environment-friendly
Get to your destination faster than on foot, but remain environmentally neutral.
Park wherever you want
Cars can only be parked in designated places. Parking fees are expensive and looking for an available parking slot is tiring. Tike can be left wherever you want and thanks to its central lock and an alarm – it stays safe.
Go whenever you need
You can use both roads and bike paths, so whenever you get stuck in a traffic jam, just change the lane.
Minimalism in the very concept
On average, people use theirs vehicles alone, hence they waste about 80% of available resources. With Trike, you always use 100% of possible capabilities. That's both economical and ecological.
Enter places that are inaccessible by others
Trike is perfect for delivering things. It gives you the flexibility you seek for in the cities. The flexibility you seek for when getting around them.
Prototype version
Trike is a hybrid that combines the advantages of a bike with those of a small city car, enabling you to easily get from one point to another.
It is powered by muscles and does not exceed the width of 0.9 meters. It is truly easy to drive, equipped with user-friendly technology, giving you both pleasure and convenience of driving.
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