Trike is a hybrid that combines the advantages of a bike with those of a small city car, enabling you to easily get from one point to another.
It is powered by muscles and does not exceed the width of 0.9 meters. It is truly easy to drive, equipped with user-friendly technology, giving you both pleasure and convenience of driving.
Makes the difference
Trike is the vehicle for short distances, enabling to seamlessly move around cities
Trike is able to ride on public roads with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
The full range of the vehicle is up to 50 km.
The process of charging from 0 to 100% takes about 4 hours.
Everything you need
Trike comes with all necessary elements, that make it enormously convenient to drive
Everything you need to take control is at your fingertips.
Steering wheel
To make it easier for the driver, Trike is equipped with a steering wheel. Many features available within your reach make it extremely comfortable to use.
The size and seating position are designed for maximum ergonomics.
The steering-wheel is extra-sensitive, which gives you full control over the vehicle.
Every bike on the market has a typical way of steering it. Trike does it differently.
  • Screen
  • /
  • RFID Card
  • /
  • Electrical support
  • /
  • Indicator
  • /
  • Horn
  • /
  • Music player
  • /
  • Lighting mode
All parameters necessary for safe driving are available on the screen. It lets you control the performance of the vehicle and other variables.
The narrows on both sides let you quickly turn on the relevant indicators.
The vehicle brakes with the rear wheel which enables it to immediately stop when needed.
Hand brake
Comfortably placed, gives you safety and reliability.
Quality of construction and materials make the vehicle dependable at all times.
Safety is our no. 1 priority in every element of the vehicle.
Trike has a built-in trunk with a capacity of ~40 liters – store and take whatever you need, whenever you need it.
Since every business day requires carrying a lot of things, the capacity of Trike's trunk enables you to finally feel the freedom.
Anything you need to keep with you during the day – it all fits into the spacious boot.
The vehicle has independent suspension for the back wheel, which transfers into enormous driving comfort and safety.
Proprietary construction
The material used in production as well as the concept of the suspension make it safe and extra convenient to use.
And more...
Private & Business
The construction of Trike makes it perfect choice for any kind of rides.
Suitable for both private users and businesses
Rather than use a car or bus, choose Trike when going out and meeting your friends.
The size of Trike's trunk is perfect for carrying heavy stuff. Shopping? You can load up to 40 liters inside it.
Explore nature or the city. Take the trike for a ride in your free time.
Trike can be your daily dose of sport endorphins.
Run the errands
Trike's reach and performance enables you to run all your errands around the city.